About Me


District Level Commitments

  • serving on Back-to-School fair planning committee
  • participant in e-Portfolio video for district

Campus-Level Commitments

Committee member of:  BLT, SEL, PAWS, PEP, and RTI

  • Special focus on SEL committee
    • developed a 15-min student tutorial program that was implemented with the entire student body
    • designed and illustrated unique rogue’s gallery of teachers to improve relations
    • created and distributed uniform door signs for improved identification of rooms and teachers

Special project implementation and creation include:

  • created and designed multiple sessions of a book study/Twitter Chat for entire staff
  • updated PEP website and designed/presented the Technology information session for Parent Technology night
  • coordinated vendors and helped plan Healthy Kids, Healthy Families event
  • collected and analyzed data to coordinate campus focus on extracurricular clubs and honor societies, improving MHS website information
  • attended many extracurricular student events (prom, sports, plays, shows, graduation, and more)
  • sponsor Wildlife Conservation Society and co-facilitate Peer Cheer (student-led club mentoring fellow students)
  • served as communication facilitator for special TEDx event, communicating with feeder school principals and local businesses
  • increased college awareness by installing more than 30 different college banners in hallways


  • Teacher of the Year Finalist 2016-2017
  • Invited to train first-year science teachers for LISD in 2016


  • Crucial Conversations conflict management
  • ESL
  • Biology  6-12 and Secondary Science 8-12
  • EC- 6 Generalist
  • Administrative certification will be complete May 2017 upon graduation
  • AEL certification complete March 24
  • TTESS pending date

Professional Development 2016-2017

  • Hard Conversations training on Feb 15

TWU honors during graduate work

  • guest panelist at first-year teacher academy
  • member of TWU’s leadership committee and president of 21st Learning committee
  • attended conflict management training

Administrative Philosophy

Authentic leaders cultivate a unique self-reflective perspective and recognize this process is true for many of those with whom they interact. Reflection on how to honor these differences and successfully blend multiple viewpoints requires leaders to take responsibility for creating respectful discourse and fostering trust. Administrators who build trust form a solid foundation for the whole school system, creating the potential for connections and learning to happen at all levels.

leadershipLeaders facilitate such connections by showing patience, enthusiasm, wisdom and supporting the hopes and visions of the many, yet still making room for the individual. Hope and positivity grown through a leader’s focus on authenticity not perfection, integrity not pacification, and growth not complacency help weave together a strong school community in which staff and students value innovation, skills, and most important, relationships that last a lifetime.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP

Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive
curious, observant, process-focused, strong communicator, energetic, maintain harmony, naturally use personal feelings and values when making decisions


Student/Thinker                       Understand Others                          Believe in Purpose                     Restorative                                 Inclusive

 My Why

My 8th grade science teacher, Mr. Roach, taught me science but more than that he taught me to value myself – he was “that teacher” for me. He touched my heart, effectively reflecting parts of my being that had been unknown before. But Mr. Roach was one of the few teachers who made a difference. The rest of my teachers left me grateful to leave school and I couldn’t imagine school being a place of care and learning. So it was with reluctance that I took a part-time position in an elementary school right out of college. However, that aide position turned out to be a connection that inspired me to gain my teaching license because school was re-imagined for me as a place where I could be the source of care and inspiration, like Mr. Roach had been for me. I became a science teacher, continuing down a unexpected yet happy path.

Throughout many years of teaching, I have been continually drawn to learn more and grow so that I can do more for and with my students. Along the way, I have been impacted by strong and not-so-strong leaders and I quickly realized the difference that a strong leader makes in a school. I chose not to pursue leadership until my daughter was older, but now she is a happy student at an amazing school with a strong principal and I am able to pursue the ability to create and re-imagine school in a new way, as a leader. I want to be a stronger, more effective part of the continual effort to allow our students to thrive and create an amazing future, just like my daughter is able to do each day.

Teaching Philosophy

I am proud to say that although I didn’t start out as a teacher, my different life experiences add to my ability to relate to kids and parents: My skills were built as a teacher, but also as a copyeditor, a published children’s book illustrator, and a school aide; I also grew up overseas, which offered a unique perspective on global education. Add in being a mom to an amazing daughter and long-term educator and learner myself, and my main goal is to make learning relevant (to build meaningful, timely and enduring knowledge) and individual (so that it is retained and integrated in a chosen future).

Because teaching is personal in many ways, I believe relevant, unique learning opportunities happen as I build relationships with students (and others); thus, all the wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful) experiences of my life developed the wisdom, kindness, acceptance, and curiosity I need to relate well with students and staff, discover what they need, and care about how they learn. I hope my legacy will be based on my competence AND character–long after they forgot some of the details I taught each day.